Nova SBE, Carcavelos

Estoril Conferences 2019 livestream

Three days of conferences, thirty panels, 96 speakers, moderators and chairs. We have exchanged views regarding what we owe to one another and shared our thoughts about how we can build the world we dream about. It’s only natural to miss something.

But we have streamed everything and now you can watch the moments you have missed. Or watch again the speeches you loved more.

Nova SBE, Carcavelos

Join the Estoril Conferences 2019 via livestream

Empower Humanity
Change the world

The XXI century has seen an ever-increasing process of globalization and reduction of the role and power of States. In a world where information circulates at the speed of light, local problems have become global and a continuous flow of ideas connecting people all over the world has made it inconceivable for a nation to project its future in isolation.

The interdependencies of countries and peoples and the worldwide confluence of ideas allow us to rethink the concept of justice around four main topics.

World-renowned Speakers

In 2019, we will bring you again the changemakers and provocateurs with history and stories to share.

From local to global justice

We are committed to establishing dialogue as the main engine of change. The 2019 program is the starting point to a debate on how to promote and achieve a globally just world.


The Estoril Conferences are probably the only global forum where a chief of State, a political activist, an entrepreneur and a student all share the same stage on equal terms.
Miguel Pinto Luz, Deputy Mayor of Cascais

Miguel Pinto Luz, Deputy Mayor of Cascais
The Estoril Conferences are an educational project and a pedagogical tool. Essentially, the Estoril Conferences are an instrument of action and real intervention as we believe that the future is not a written inevitability. We believe in the extraordinary capacity of women and men to change the course of history. We are here to change the world, and we will not settle for nothing less than that.
Teresa Violante, Chair of the Estoril Conferences

Teresa Violante, Chairperson of the Estoril Conferences

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Nova School of Business and Economics

To the production of knowledge and promotion of dialogue that inspires each edition of the Estoril Conferences, we will be joined by an international reference of the Portuguese academia: Nova School of Business & Economics.
So much more than a school, Nova SBE is a community dedicated to talent and knowledge and it is the new home of the Estoril Conferences.




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