Panel Discussion

Gender Justice: Thinking Parity on a Global Scale

This panel addresses the relation between global justice and recent gender equality claims. In contemporary societies, women’s movements have become one of the leading voices fighting against institutionalized discrimination of all kinds. Organizations and activists advocating feminism for the 99% are increasingly engaged with global ethics, human rights, disabilities studies, bioethics, climate change, and international development, with a crescent focus on the intersectionality of oppressions. What can global feminism do for a truly fair world?

Head of the Policy Planning Unit in the Office of the Secretary General at NATO (Italy)

Founder and Director of Women Without Borders (Austria)

Columnist at Observador (Portugal)

Lawyer, Social Entrepreneur & Member of the Estoril Conferences 2019 International Advisory Board (Saudi Arabia)

José Velez Caroço – Executive Director of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe (Portugal)