Global Debate

Nobel Laureates on Global Poverty: the most significant crime against humanity?

In our 2019 Nobel panel, three laureates will discuss one of the most pressing global justice problems: extreme worldwide poverty. As it becomes increasingly evident that nations have the necessary resources to join efforts to eradicate global poverty, the reasons for its prevalence in the XXI century should be addressed. What kind of interests are at play when it comes to creating a world where everyone is allowed the same opportunities and material conditions? Is it really in our hands to end global poverty once and for all?

2006 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics (United States)

Co-Founder of Médecins Sans Frontières and Médecins du Monde & 1999 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (France)

Human Rights Activist & 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (Guatemala)

Chief Correspondent at Reuters Portugal (Norway)


Dean and Full Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics (Portugal)