Dalal Khairo

Writer & Student
Country: Iraq
Fields of Expertise: Yazidi Communities

Dalal Khairo

Dalal Khairo is the writer of “I Remain a Daughter of the Light”.

Also known by her pseudonym Shirin, she was just 17 years old when she fell into the hands of ISIS, on August 2014, when she lived in a remote area in Northern Iraq called Hardan. Her aspirations of becoming a lawyer took a shattering turn when ISIS captured her village and sold her into sex slavery.
Following an escape to Germany in 2015, Dalal worked with journalist Alexandra Cavelius to write the book “I Remain A Daughter of the Light”.

Dalal Khairo is the winner of 2017 Geneva Summit International Women’s Rights Award and she has been an outspoken voice for the rights of the Yazidi communities.