Jamie Bartlett

Writer & Journalist
Country: United Kingdom
Fields of Expertise: Technology, Democracy, Globalization

Jamie Bartlett

Jamie Bartlett is a Senior Fellow and the former Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think-tank Demos. He is a bestselling author who has written extensively on the politics and social impact of technology.

Bartlett’s work covers a wide range of topics such as the politics of technology, including questions around the ethics of social media, big data, privacy and surveillance, to the sociological aspect of technology, including internet subcultures, crypto-currencies, machine learning and automated sentiment analysis. In his book The People vs Tech: How the Internet is Killing Democracy, he expands on the intersection between technology and democracy, and how the digital revolution is destabilizing our already fragile political system. He is also the author of The Dark Net, which looks at the spread of online communities and the growth of internet crime. His research on radical movements across Europe and the minds of political outsiders – both idealists and extremists – is explored in his book Radicals.

His BBC 2 documentary “The Secrets of Silicon Valley” explores the false promises that technology has brought for global economies and takes a look at how it has, instead, weakened our politics and society. Bartlett is also a frequent contributor for The Spectator and is a feature writer for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Foreign Policy and The Telegraph.

PHOTO: © Pelle Sjoden

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