Janine Lélis

Minister of Justice and Labor of the Republic of Cabo Verde
Country: Cabo Verde
Fields of Expertise: Justice, Labor, Social Justice

Janine Lélis

Janine Tatiana Santos Lélis is the current Minister of Justice and Labor of Cabo Verde and Vice-President of the Movement for Democracy, the incumbent party since the legislative elections in 2016. Santos Lélis graduated in Law from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and obtained a postgraduate degree in Business and Labor Law.

After graduating, she worked as a lawyer (1998-2016) and held different public positions, including as Member of the African Parliament (2011-2016), Member of the National Assembly (Specialized Committee on Legal Affairs) (2006-2016), Member of the Municipal Assembly and leader of the Independent Group for Change and Development of Sal (2004-2008), legal advisor to the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports of Cabo Verde (1998) and as jurist of TACV – National Air Transport Company of Cabo Verde (1998-2008).

Janine Lélis was also the President of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into Zones of Integral Tourism Development, the Vice-President of the Union of Young African Parliamentarians and a member of the Justice Committee of the African Parliament and the Fiscal Council of Cabo Verde.

PHOTO: © P. Moita

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