Javier Roglá Puig

Board Member of Teach for All
Country: Spain
Fields of Expertise: Corporate management, Social entrepreneurship

Javier Roglá Puig

Javier Roglá Puig is the Global Director of Santander Universities and the CEO of Universia Holding. He oversees a network of more than a thousand universities as well as the most extensive corporate-sponsored higher education support program in the world. 

Before joining Santander, Javier Roglá was the CEO of Empieza por Educar, which he co-founded in 2010. He has also worked as Principal with the Boston Consulting Group, where he worked in corporate strategy and strategic organization projects and has spent close to two years helping the Save the Children Fund re-shape their global organization and governance. His professional career began as an international development consultant for Endesa, a Spain-based utility company, where he worked for five years. 

Javier Roglá Puig has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA with honours from INSEAD, which he attended with a full scholarship. He is a Board Director in several foundations related to education.  

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