Nuno Rogeiro

Political Analyst and Journalist
Country: Portugal
Fields of Expertise: Politics, International Relations

Nuno Rogeiro

Nuno Rogeiro is a journalist and a commentator at SIC. He worked as a journalist in radios, newspapers and television, where he attained notoriety for his commentary on international conflicts. As a political commentator Nuno Rogeiro covered outstandingly the First Gulf War, for RTP, and the Iraq War, for SIC. He authored numerous TV programs, including Sociedade das Nações, with Martim Cabral, and documentaries for which he was awarded several distinctions.

A founding member of the Portuguese Association of Political Science and a member of the National Committee of UNESCO, Nuno Rogeiro has been a speaker in various conferences and seminars. He holds a degree in Law at the School of Law of the University of Lisbon and has taught several legal courses at the School of Law of Lusíada University of Lisbon, such as Constitutional Law and History of Political Ideas.

Nuno Rogeiro is also a writer, with six books published, concerning international affairs such as immigration and human trafficking, the Islamic State or the uprisings in the Middle East.